How to build he abs using the horizontal bar?

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Performing abdominal exercises using this gymnastic apparatus helps to develop the entire muscles in a complex, which allows you to quickly and efficiently achieve the desired results, which are muscle definition or muscle mass. A horizontal bar is a gymnastic apparatus that helps to strengthen not only the muscles of the arms and back, but also to work out the abdomen area.

Exercises on the horizontal bar, when done correctly and regularly, gradually help to build the abs. With a variety of different techniques, you can work every muscle in your abdomen using the horizontal bar.

Abdominal muscles

In order to understand which area of the abdomen is pumped in the most complete way when performing a particular exercise, you need to know the structure and locations of the main muscles first.

The adnominal muscles are a conjunction of muscle lines that together, form a dense frame that reliably protects the internal organs and helps to perform various actions. Each muscle of this structure has its own name and performs a specific function. There are four main abdominal muscles:

  • Trans versus abdominis;
  • Rectus abdominis;
  • External oblique muscles;
  • Internal oblique muscles.

In addition, the abdomen muscles they are usually divided into:

  • Upper (upper part of the rectus muscle);
  • Lower (lower part of the rectus muscle);
  • Lateral (oblique abdominal muscles).

All of these muscles are involved in the breathing process, help us lift weights and control the body in various situations. For example, when the oblique muscles contract from only one side, the body tilts to one side.
To pump each muscle, certain exercises are required. To get a beautiful defined abdomen and strong muscles, you need to work on each of them on the horizontal bar.

Also, proper nutrition plays an equally important role in achieving any sports goals. A menu for gaining muscle mass will help you form the desired definition faster.

Exercises on the horizontal bar for the abdomen’s mass development

All abdominal exercises aimed at increasing volume are usually performed using weights. 

Hanging horizontal leg lifts

This exercise is familiar even to novice bar athletes. It is performed by raising and lowering straight legs while hanging from a horizontal bar. After a week of doing this exercise, you can slightly increase the load, as in to raise your legs to the height of a right angle and hold them there for as long as possible.

After getting used to the muscles (21-30 days), you can add weighting materials such as, grabbing a weight plate or dumbbells with your feet, or fix them onto your legs with fasteners. Weights help to increase and develop strength, but you should not cut the frequency and number of sets due to this extra weight.

Upside down crunches

This exercise is performed by hanging upside down on a horizontal bar, placing your hands behind your head and straightening your elbows forward. Raise your torso until your elbows touch your legs. The exercise is performed without weights, but weights are recommended for experienced athletes.

Single leg raises with weight

This type of load helps to work out the oblique and transverse muscles of the abdomen, to significantly increase their volume.

  • Take the starting position (hanging on straight arms) on the horizontal bar, having previously secured weights on your legs (these can be dumbbells or weight plates);
  • Alternately lift each leg. The angle between the raised leg and the second leg must be at least 45 degrees;
  • Try to keep the raised leg up for as long as possible. 

Definition exercises

These exercises will help to form the muscle frame and contribute to the manifestation of a beautiful muscle definition and clear contours of the abdominal muscles.


Starting position – while hanging on straight arms. Legs bent at the knees should be lifted to the stomach, trying not to strain the back muscles. If possible, hold this position as long as possible. You cannot help yourself by swinging.

This exercise helps to work on the definition of the rectus abdominis muscle and get the desired "six pack".

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Straight legs must be raised at an angle of 45 degrees, and alternately set aside to the left and right, imitating the work of a car wiper. This is not a simple exercise on the abdomen using the horizontal bar, as it stretches well and works out the muscles due to a non-standard load on longitudinal twisting.

Scissors and a bicycle 

These are well-known exercises which imitate the pedaling movement or the movement of scissors blades during their work. Such loads are considered the lightest. They are recommended to be performed immediately after the warm-up.

The warm-up consists of 5 minutes of aerobic exercise (you can just run in place for this) and you can perform bends or kicks.
The muscles of the abdomen usually do not get tired for a long time, they recover quickly, they have enormous energy, therefore it is necessary to work on them daily or every other day for beginners.

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