What are Steroids

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All know about the steroids, probably even some of your friends took them. They take a professional bodybuilders, also used in other sports. In bodybuilding use anabolic steroids.

Anabolic steroids what is it and what is it? It is a synthetic hormone testosterone it is used for muscle growth, with it, the man begins to grow faster muscle, strength and endurance.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone.

It is an androgen which stimulates the growth of muscle mass. When we take anabolic steroids protein digestion is getting much better, and thus, muscle growth becomes faster. But there are downsides, using the piece of the hormone, our body automatically starts to produce less natural. If not competent to accept it (long breaks) that can happen are bad.

You can become impotent, such cases happen.

Many heavily criticized that steroids are evil and they are very dangerous, others say that they are not too dangerous, if they are properly taken.

The biggest side effects appear in those people who had some problems with his health prior to taking the steroids, and after they got even more complications.

There are various steroids expensive and cheap. Cheap they are highly toxic : thrown liver, kidney, heart, and sexual function. There are two kinds of medicines : oral medications (tablets) and injections (intramuscular injections), the second is less toxic and more effective because tablets first enter the intestine begin the process of digestion then they get into the liver and lot of useful information is lost (destroyed) and only after this part gets into the blood and the blood then spreads to all organs.

And injecting steroids directly into the blood and spread to all organs, it is more effective and less toxic on the liver. Although steroids in pills and injections are harmful to our health. After their admission to do a cleanse and the breaks between them, to give the body time so he could recover.

It's your choice and your health and you decide to accept them or not. If you correctly take them under a physicians supervision strong side effects present, and if not correctly you can ruin your health. Once you have decided to accept them and you can't convince, then first find out all about the drug which you will take, how to take and how long you can! And even then start. Besides that you accept them it is necessary also competently trenirovatsya in the room (must be well-written program and you have to perform it efficiently). If there is a bad program and not a quality workout, then do the steroids will not help you, the result will be very small. Also, there are some steroids that are not for every body, just the body does not perceive them, there were such cases, people have tried several medications and current one worked on it.

And if you have a diseased liver, or kidneys, then you better not take any chances with their reception! Because you're gonna ruin your health and it can even be dangerous for you. A lot also sell fakes or high quality steroids, can you take and temperature rises.

Steroids is an illegal drug and sell it there, sell it on the black market (not legally) and no one will answer you, for the quality of the drug.

Some athletes bodybuilders injections of synthol, do not confuse this with steroids, this drug did not have any relationship to them!

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