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Boldebolin (vial)

Boldebolin (vial)

Brand: Alpha Pharma
Product Code: 585
Package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipoise)
Availability: In Stock
Price: £63


The manufacturer of Boldebolin is the now popular Indian company Alpha Pharma. Initially, Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipoise) was created as a "long" Methandienone, but instead they got a completely different steroid. This is why Boldebolin is often confused with injectable Methandienone, but these are completely different drugs.

In terms of chemical structure, it is androsta-1,4-dien-17β-ol-3-one, due to which there is no negative effect on the liver. It should be noted that Boldenone Undecylenate is one of the safest injectable anabolic steroids, however, due to many stereotypes, athletes try to ignore Boldebolin, and of course in vain.

Boldebolin features:

• Moderately low androgenic index;

• High anabolic index;

• Low estrogenic activity and conversion to female hormones;

• Progestogenic activity is practically zero;

• There is no harm to the liver and its enzymes;

• Long half-life;

• The ability to make less frequent injections and thereby maintain an even hormonal background;

• The complete absence of negative effects with the right course.

What is Boldebolin?

Equipoise, despite only a few structural differences from testosterone, has completely different positive qualities. One of the main effects of a Boldebolin cycle is an increase in appetite, which is necessary for the vast majority of athletes. Almost all beginners simply cannot eat the required amount of calories and nutrients, which negates the effectiveness of even the most expensive and well-structured course of pharmacology. The body will not be able to build new muscle fibres and overcompensate for damaged ones without an adequate supply of nutrients. Nobody starts a construction without building materials, right?

Unfortunately, only a few people realize the importance of a diet with additional steroid intake. In most cases, the Boldenone course is used by professionals because of the huge amount of required daily calories, which are unrealistic to eat without such external stimulation. That is why many amateurs believe that Boldebolin is not suitable for beginners, because it is used mainly by professionals. In fact, this drug is perfect for absolutely everyone, even women, because of its low androgenic activity.

If you cannot eat your paltry 2-3 thousand calories a day and at the same time dream of a colossal result from the first course, then without Equipoise you will not get even 50% of the possible gains. A competent trainer always puts nutrition at the forefront of everything, and without the use of the necessary nutrients, it is simply impossible to build impressive muscle volumes. Fortunately, athletes have one effective weapon up their sleeve - the Alpha Pharma Boldebolin.

Dosages for a Boldebolin course 

Combine Boldebolin with long esters of Testosterone. A beginner will need 250-500mg per week (1-2 injections). In parallel with this, it is necessary to use Enanthate, Sustanon or Cypionate. This combination would be one of the best options for your first serious Testosterone-based cycle.

For experienced athletes, a course of Boldenone should be combined with Testosterone, as well as various oral anabolic steroids such as Turinabol or regular Methandienone. Some pros use Anadrol (Oxymetholone). The dosage of Boldebolin will vary from 600mg to 1 gram per week.

Also allowed combinations for the course of Boldebolin are: Oxandrolone, Primobolan, Nandrolone Decanoate, Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone. It all depends on the final goal of the course.

Boldenone Effects:

• Increase in power characteristics;

• A visible increase in appetite;

• Ideal for gaining muscle mass, as it has low androgenic activity;

• Accelerates recovery processes;

• Slightly accumulates water;

• A slight increase in strength endurance;

• Vascularity manifestation.

Equipoise advantages

You should buy Boldebolin during mass building cycles for the best results. Some athletes use it for drying, but not in the pre-competition format. However, it is quite difficult to comply with the correct diet with a constant feeling of hunger. That is why I advise you to buy equipoise just for gaining mass.

In addition to increasing your appetite, your strength will increase and your overall hormonal background will improve. All this in total will allow you to build muscle volumes quite effectively, although not as fast as many beginners expect. Basically, Boldenone is a relatively weak drug with a slow but steady results pattern. The course of this steroid should be at least 8 weeks.

As such, the phenomenon of rollback is not observed except for the loss of fluid acquired due to the estrogenic activity of Equipoise. The main advantage of the Boldebolin course is the minimum of negative and side effects. Together with long-acting testosterone, you can get a noticeable muscle gain without possible gynecomastia, acne, and most importantly - without harm to the liver. Many professional bodybuilders consider Boldenone to be a must-have for their first course, especially for those with a lean physique.

Boldebolin adverse reactions 

As already noted, there are practically none. Androgenic activity is low, as a result of which masculinization processes will not be observed even for women. You will not get breasts (gynecomastia), especially with the correct dose and use of testosterone esters such as Enanthate. All of the beauty of Boldebolin lies in the possibility of a full combination with classic testosterone courses with minimization of all side effects.

Post-cycle therapy after Boldebolin 

Post-cycle therapy begins only 14-18 days after the last injection of a solo course of Boldenone or any "cocktail" based on Testosterone and Boldebolin esters. Everything is pretty standard: use anti-oestrogens and add gonadotropin to stimulate the production of your own testosterone.

For beginners, we can also recommend a pro-member of the IFBB site in order to provide you with some information regarding Boldenone Undecylenate, their unbiased reviews about the different various different brands, the best Equipoise cycles to start with and some information from experience, regarding the results and how to run a correct PCT.

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