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Testosterone in the male body is of great importance. This hormone affects the appearance of secondary signs in puberty (growth of genitals, hair growth, voice mutation), subcutaneous adipose tissue, bone tissue in adult men, sexual attraction and body shaping. Correct performance of most male functions is in direct proportion to the content of testosterone in the body. The synthesis of the hormone occurs partly in the genitals and partly synthesized by the adrenal cortex. Its deficiency leads to major hormonal disruption i.e. hypogonadism.

Gel steroids

Therapy for such diseases is very often long-term; some men are forced to take hormonal drugs throughout their lives. One of the most popular drugs in this spectrum is testosterone gel named Testogel. Testosterone gel is included in the list of drugs to restore hormonal balance in men. Testosterone gel contains an amount of 1% of testosterone and for external use in bodybuilding, it provides the necessary content of the hormone in the blood within the physiological limits with daily use.

How do they work?

Testogel is applied through transdermal use to increase testosterone and is absorbed by the skin in a volume that does not exceed 14% of a single dose. Within 24 hours, the active substances gradually penetrate into the bloodstream. After stopping the use of the gel, within a day, the testosterone concentration begins to decrease noticeably, reaching a natural level by the fourth day.

Testosterone Gel for Sale

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