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Magnum Test-E 300

Magnum Test-E 300

Brand: Magnum Pharmaceuticals
Product Code: 12075
Package: 10 ampoules (300mg/ml)
Substance: Testosterone enanthate
Availability: In Stock
Price: £57


Testosterone Enanthate from Magnum Pharmaceuticals is a steroid often used by athletes to build high-quality muscles in large volumes. Regardless of the effectiveness of other drugs with similar popularity to it like Methandienone, Anadrol, etc., when it comes to the growth of muscle mass and strength, testosterone remains number 1 in mass-building cycles. You can only buy Testosterone Enanthate in injectable form since it consists of an oil ester.

Effect and action

Testosterone Enanthate has several remarkable features, the main ones of which are: high efficiency and a sea of ​​beneficial properties, which is confirmed by many reviews. It is known that Test Enanthate has strong activity, both androgenic and anabolic, this fact gives it the ability to dramatically increase muscle mass, volume, and physical strength.

Based on Test E reviews, Testosterone Enanthate can increase the athlete's musculature by about 10kg within 5 weeks. Nevertheless, you should know that Testosterone Enanthate retains water in the body, this is a common factor for all types of testosterone, therefore, at the end of the cycle, a rollback phenomenon is always expected, approximately 20-30% of the gained weight. Water retention helps relieve pain and strain on joints and tendons that have undergone heavy training with heavy weight and prevents serious injury.

Other positive effects of Testosterone Enanthate: 

  • Increases the general condition of the athlete
  • Increases protein synthesis in the body
  • Increases endurance and motivation
  • Strengthens bone structure, improves tendon function
  • Increases appetite and libido
  • Stimulates sexual desire, increases the secretion of pheromones

Testosterone Enanthate dosage and combinations

A testosterone cycle for beginners will involve dosages of 250-500mg per week. This range is dependent on and calculated based on the athlete's fitness level and includes physical fitness and experience with steroid use. If you are a beginner, your dosage will be closer to 300mg per week, this will be enough to get the desired results.

Some experienced athletes, who have already dealt with steroids for a while, can bring the dosage of Testosterone Enanthate up to 1000mg or more per week (such doses are extremely risky and there is a high probability of most side effects). To maintain health, it is not recommended to overstep the mark of 750mg of the substance per week.

It is very simple to compose a cycle with Testosterone Enanthate as it is a universal product, it can be used both in a solo cycle and in combination with any anabolic steroids, depending on the goals. For example, to achieve rapid muscle gains and optimal strength gains, Testosterone Enanthate can be used effectively with Nandrolone Decanoate and / or Methandienone. In the cycle for strength and a leaner mass, it can be used in combination with Stanozolol or Trenbolone, such a cycle is safer, of course, if you adhere to the rules of use.

Testosterone Enanthate PCT

After a Test E cycle, post-cycle therapy (PCT) is mandatory, since with prolonged use of Testosterone Enanthate, the production of the body’s own testosterone drops significantly. In the last weeks of the cycle, either Tamoxifen or Clomid is usually used. It is also advisable to use an aromatase inhibitor (Proviron) to prevent the adverse effects of oestrogen.

Side effects of Test E

This steroid can be added to the safe group. This means that if it is not overused, the risk of side effects will be minimal. However, in some cases, Testosterone Enanthate can cause side effects. These include excessive sweating, itching at the injection site and acne. There is a risk of suppressing the natural testosterone secretion and disorders associated with aromatizing agents: water retention or gynecomastia.

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