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Dianabol 20

Dianabol 20

Brand: Dragon Pharma
Product Code: 711
Package: 20mg (100 pills)
Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
Availability: In Stock
Price: £51


The steroid market offers a great variety of preparations based on the active substance Methandienone. Dragon Pharma produces this substance under the brand name Dianabol which is one of the leaders among all oral steroids for sale in our shop. Various athletes, mainly amateur bodybuilders, use it actively.

The Dianabol steroid profile shows strong anabolic, moderate androgenic as well as moderate estrogenic activity. With a half-life of around 6 hours, it needs to be taken frequently, but since it is an oral steroid, its use is quite convenient for beginners to steroid use.

Methandienone’s effects

A well-executed Dianabol cycle leads to tremendous positive effects, such as:

  • A build-up of muscle mass and water retention
  • Increased strength and endurance
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Rapid regeneration
  • Helps joint injuries due to fluid retention

Athletes are always fully satisfied with Dianabol results. An adequate dose ensures the athlete begins to gain muscle mass and strength quickly, which fundamentally changes their approach to training and their mood altogether. It is these factors that make Dragon Pharma Dianabol pills for sale in our shop so popular and in high demand.

Recommendations for a Dianabol cycle

A daily dosage of Methandienone should not exceed 50mg per day (2.5 tablets). We recommend you start with a small daily dose (10-20mg per day) and gradually increase it if there is slow progress. Divide the total amount of pills into equal doses and take it every 5-6 hours at the same time. Take Dianabol before meals with plenty of water if this method does not give you issues (digestive problems, heartburn, etc.). The length for a solo cycle of this steroid is 6-8 weeks.

A combination cycle involves taking no more than 40mg of the drug per day because increasing the dose promotes the development of side effects. Generally, the dose varies from 20mg to 40mg. When taking a combination of preparations, you should build it around the base steroid, Testosterone. Sometimes, Dianabol is taken at the end or beginning of the cycle.

It is always best to combine it with an injectable drug because this will help protect the liver from the side effects associated with taking too many oral steroids. Dianabol goes well in combinations with Testosterone esters, Nandrolone, Turinabol, and Primobolan.

Dianabol side effects

Dianabol is a fairly safe drug provided you stick to the dosage. A solo or combined cycle of Dianabol will lead to gynecomastia, large amounts of fluid, decreased libido, and other side effects if the dose is exceeded. Therefore, use the above instructions to keep side effects under control.

No other side effects have been observed after taking Dianabol provided the dose is reasonable. Therefore, this drug is recommended even for beginners.

PCT after a Dbol cycle

PCT begins 2-3 weeks after the Dianabol cycle, and the duration is 2-3 weeks. This will require Clomid and Anastrozole. Use Gonadotropin injections of you find that you have decreased testicles. After the cycle and PCT, muscle definition becomes noticeable due to the removal of fluid and preservation of most of the gained muscle mass.

Where to get Dianabol for sale?

Securing a trustworthy source to obtain Dianabol, colloquially referred to as dbol, has become increasingly straightforward. Our online platform offers a reliable and seamless route to access Dianabol for sale in the UK. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast seeking to amplify muscle gains or an athlete looking to enhance performance, the option to buy Dianabol online presents an efficient and accessible solution to acquire this potent anabolic steroid. With a diverse array of Dianabol products available, tailored to various fitness goals, you can confidently take the next step in optimizing your training results and achieving your desired physique.

When considering purchasing Dianabol online in the UK, authenticity and product quality are of paramount importance. Our platform prioritizes offering genuine Dianabol products, addressing concerns related to counterfeit substances. By exploring user reviews, dosage recommendations, and expert insights, you can personalize your Dianabol experience to align with your unique fitness aspirations. Whether you're a seasoned bodybuilder or an individual striving for noticeable results, buying Dianabol online in the UK offers a dependable avenue to incorporate this renowned compound into your fitness regimen.

The availability of Dianabol for sale online in the UK places your fitness objectives within reach. With the potential to accelerate muscle growth, elevate strength, and attain a more robust physique, Dianabol offers a versatile solution catering to an array of fitness goals. The convenience of purchasing Dianabol online guarantees a secure and streamlined source for accessing this transformative tool, a favorite among athletes and bodybuilders globally. Embrace the opportunity to amplify your fitness potential by navigating our selection of Dianabol products, and experience the remarkable benefits this compound can contribute to your training and physique goals.


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